It was the year 1968, when New Dilip Industries was established by our respected Shri R. R. Bhanderi. Since the Diesel Engine sector in Rajkot was going great guns at the time, "Dilip" initiated manufacturing Diesel Engine components. Very soon in 1972, the firm entered the then tiny but very prospering Machine tools sector & established the brand “Dilip” in lathe machines. All these while the prime-aim being only, to serve people with quality products with least attention to monetary gains. Since then, Dilip have around 15000 satisfied customers across the nation & abroad as well. Continuous repeat orders & our strong bondage with the clients need not be highlighted to prove the emphasis put on for the quality standard we strive for & the pre as well as the post-sales services we offer. Dilip has a sound & full-proof after sales-service, thanks to its large dealer’s network across all major industrial centers of the country

We believe in constant change & development by embracing the latest technological innovations. The manufacturing unit has almost all the production facilities in house only, enabling to achieve the highest quality standards without much effort. Production of components, under dedicated, well-experienced & technically qualified staff, being inspected at every stage, results in an utmost Quality product. Through such a set-up, the annual production capacity touches 500 machines.

Over the years, Dilip has moved in a new direction with the now open economy & crossed over the borders with courage to compete the overseas market. As always, here also, Dilip came out with flying colours by emerging as a regular supplier to countries like Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Africa, UAE, Canada, Oman, Uganda, Nepal, Bahrain, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Kenya, etc.

In the recent past, as the Indian Machine tool industry has undergone a major update by welcoming the newest Designing, Processing, Engineering, Managing policies, Dilip has also stood up to its reputation. In 2006, after long research & design efforts, Dilip delivered one of the most sturdiest & rigid CNC Turning Centers “Q-Plus”. The same year saw Dilip add yet another feather to its cap by launching its own All-Geared head lathe machine. The firm was pleasantly surprised to receive an overwhelming response from its customers, for the new products. The encouragement was enough to motivate us to further expand the product range with more CNC models in near future.